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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Happy Holidays from me to you!

Enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD for your holiday gift giving needs!

Print this FREE file on cardstock, cut or punch (1.25") out the circle, and insert your EOS lip balm!  

See the full video tutorial on my YouTube Channel here:

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Monday, July 17, 2017

DIY Apothecary Shelf from Old Dresser Drawer

Hobby Lobby had a great apothecary shelf that inspired me!  Our bathroom was needing a new shelf display over our toilet and it seemed to be the perfect style and look.  I had some old dresser drawers that I knew would come in handy and this project was the perfect fit.

I did a full video tutorial on how I created a vintage style apothecary shelf from an old dresser drawer and some scrap wood.  I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:
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Friday, July 14, 2017

DIY Bathroom Farmhouse Window

Rustic elegance added to our bathroom makeover.  It's not a big makeover, but I don't think it takes much to change the entire look of a room when it comes to a small space like that.  This farmhouse window was itching to come back into our home.  It used it in my fall home decor, which you can see HERE.

A pinterest picture inspired me to transform the window into a rustic towel rack for the bathroom.  I found a great chippy spindle at a reclaimed resale shop and combined the two to create a functional decor piece that I'm quite pleased with!

I share with you in the video tutorial below all the details of how it all came together.  I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DIY Chalkboard Reclaimed Old Door

I just recently was introduced to the world of reclaimed resale shops.  We have two great ones within an hours drive of my home.  It's sort of a thrift shop with a twist.

Me and hubby made a trip to a very nice shop one Saturday for a child-less date.  It was fabulous!  

I really enjoyed looking at all of the old things that had been pulled out of old homes, buildings, businesses, churches, hotels, and more.  

We both had a great time treasuring hunting.

This bi-fold door was one of the treasures I came home with.  I knew just where and what I wanted to do with it when we found it.  I believe I paid $10 or so for it.

To see this reclaimed door transformed into new dining room decor, check out my video tutorial below.
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

DIY Farmhouse Balance Scale

When it comes to decor, I love to try to make everything myself.  It not only saves money, but it makes me appreciate the things that I have much more.  This decor piece was one that I had my eye on, however the price was much much higher than what I'd ever pay for a shelf sitter.  (Prices start at $70.00 and go up from there).

That's when I started dreaming up how I would create one myself for much much less.  My version I was able to make for under $20.00!  Although it may not be made of metal like the originals, it matches my decor since I was able to stain it in my favorite wood stain (Minwax Jacobean).

I created a DIY tutorial for this project so that you can see it make from start to finish.  You'll also get to see the design process as I sort of created as the project went along.  I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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DIY Mini Wood Tray

Unfortunately I don't have room in my home for a big extravagant coffee bar like I would love to have.  However, I do have extra corner counter space in the kitchen so this is where I added a little "coffee corner" instead.  The space needed some height to lift a few things out of the galvanized tray I have it all contained in.  I grabbed a few scrap and extra items from my workshop and created this piece fairly quickly.

If you don't have the pieces laying around, it really is an expensive and easy project, great for beginners.  The best part about this is you can create yours to fit your space and adjust the size and height.  You can use finials for the bottom and also stain or paint it in the color that matches your home's decor.

I created an easy to follow tutorial in the link below.  I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

DIY Upholstered Headboard

I really enjoyed the look of how our bedroom used to be decorated.  We had a whole matching suite set, I creating some beautiful piece, and I really did love it. (You can see the before look HERE )  However, when we upgraded to a king mattress, it was time to also upgrade the headboard.  I knew we could live without the headboard for awhile as long as we had the mattress, and we did... for about 3 months.  Although I did have all the supplies for this build for just about that long.  It's always just about, when we can get around to projects.  I knew this one would be all of a two day process, although quite simple, just a little time consuming, so yes it did take 3 months to find two back to back days of free time to get to it.  I'm so glad we finally did!

This headboard turned into exactly what I had envisioned in my head.  I wanted something similar to one on Wayfair, however $700 was not in our budget.  Instead we sort of picked pieces of this and that tutorial and sort of created our own way of doing things to get the look we wanted.  I wanted something cozy, comfortable, and grand.  A big focal point of the room.  In the end, it all came together beautifully.

You can find the tutorial for how to Bleach Drop Cloth HERE
This is the inexpensive material I used for our headboard (only $20!).  Make sure you have lots of staples on hand, because you will for sure be using lots of them.  I share some short cuts and budget saving tips in the video linked below as well.  I would say all in all this project cost us under $100.  (Well worth the effort to save $600 off the Wayfair version I originally wanted).  I hope the video tutorial inspires you!  Enjoy!

Direct link to the video here:

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