The Daily DIYer

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meet The Daily DIYer

Hello!  And welcome to this crazy idea of mine!
Hi, I'm Shannon, and this is my beautiful family
I am an interior designer by training, small business owner by trade, and all around creative person by luck.  Someone once asked me, "Do you do something creative every single day!?"  The more I thought about it, the more I thought that, yes, that was pretty much true.  (Give or take those off days, sick days, busy days, etc.)  For the most part, I do, find something to fulfill my creative juices every single day.
I'm bringing those adventures to you in the form of video vlogs.
(coming soon)
We all see the blog posts of step by step instructions, and I LOVE those.  I'm fortunate enough to be able to wing it for the most part and figure out how to read the directions, then make up the parts that aren't quiet so clear.  For others, they need more visual, in real time, instructions.
I'm hoping to do just that!
The twist - let's do it every day!
Well... Monday-Friday.
So join me, as I start this journey - SOON - and do a little creative vlogging!
Here's what to look for:
*Party planning & details
*Home decor
*Wood crafting
*Holiday related crafts
*Store hauls to aid in the projects
*Mantel displays
*Wreath making
*Building projects
*Vinyl projects
*Before and Afters
*Making beauty products
*Toddler Activities
*Tips and Tricks
Do you have something you want to see? - Post it in a comment below!