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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chalkboard Poster

Need a large piece of chalkboard art?
This is a great inexpensive way to get the look you want!

Chalkboard Poster

 I'm in LOVE with all the chalkboard art that pops up in my Pinterest feed.  Problem is... I need mine to be permanent.  I have little hands (children) that would love to undo anything pretty in this house.  So as much as I'd love to have a real chalkboard wall or piece hung in my home, it's just not the best idea for the next... ummm... 18 years.

I decided to come up with a solution of my own.  And a very inexpensive one at that.  What's the closest I could get to a chalkboard?  POSTER BOARD ($.79), a Paint Pen ($3.00), a Pencil (FREE, hopefully you have one laying around your house too), and a piece of chalk (again, FREE, or hopefully very very inexpensive if you don't already have a box).

Let me take you through the steps I used to create this art for my entry, including a fun sped up video of me sketching the wording, and see how it all comes together.

Can't see the video?  Click this link:


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