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Monday, February 23, 2015

Wooden Ring Holder - VERY FIRST DAILY DIY!

Here's a simple way to keep your rings safe if you happen to need to remove them.  Plus, you'll never have to remember where you sat them down.

Cute and Simple DIY Wooden Ring Holder
A piece of wood cut into a rectangle (ours is "5.5"Wx"6.5"L)
Stain or paint
A sawtooth picture hanger
2 - Screw in hooks
Paint/Paintbrush or Vinyl
Drill or Screwdriver


For me, taking off your wedding right is "bad luck."  Not sure what kind of bad luck, whether it's for your marriage or in general, but I was always told it was bad luck so I decided to not push my luck.  However, for many, it's just a way of life.  No big deal, just remove your rings to complete your everyday tasks (dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc).  There is nothing wrong with that, except for maybe when you take off your rings and then... oooops.... "Where did I put my rings?"

My client is one who takes off her rings often, so does her husband, and she needed a place they both could safely store their rings as well as have a place they'd always remember where they sat them down at.

She sent me a photo of something similar to what I've recreated here.  I made this one into a style that would match her homes décor, but this would be a beautiful piece painted or stained to match any décor.  Replace the saying on the front with your own wording or design to compliment your personal style.

Watch my video tutorial and you'll be able to create one of these for yourself or as a nice gift in only a few simple steps.

Can't see the video?  Click this link:

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