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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fabric Wrapped Canvas Art

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Are your walls a little... blah?  Here's an easy way to add interest to any room quick and easy!
Fabric Wrapped Canvas Art
I was needing some inexpensive art for my bedroom.  Basically I wanted some color in there without having to hunt and hunt and hunt for the perfect, simple, right sized, non framed, correct color, etc. wall art.
In a nut shell..... I'm picky. (Ask my husband)
Anyone else have that problem?  I think I DIY a lot because I just can't find what I'm looking for, hardly ever.  Clothes shopping is TERRIBLE for me.  I go store to store looking for this outfit or piece I have in my head of what I want to wear and can never find it.  I end up starting over, going into the stores all over again, with no vision just so I can find something to wear to the big event I need it for.  Unfortunately, I can't sew so creating my own clothes is not an option.  Creating my own décor, now that I can do!
So I did look around a little and gave up hope and decided, it was time to get creative.  I hit the fabric store and found a print I liked in the colors I was looking for.  BOOM.  Found it.  No more hunting.  Grabbed a couple of artists canvases and watch the video for all the details of how you can create your own fabric covered wall art!

Can't see the video? Click this link:


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