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Monday, March 2, 2015

Home and Garden Show 2015

I love to look for inspiration.  I find a lot of it at the craft store, of course, but when I heard the Home and Garden Show was opening this weekend I GOT EXCITED.
Do I need a new pool or spa?  Do I need new kitchen cabinets, or a $4,000 gun safe? No and no and no.  But I do like to look at everything.  It's a great way to keep up with the trends, see what new products and innovations are out there.  Whether you are looking for yourself, for fun, or for future endeavors this is a great place to go.
My hubby and I made sort of a date out of this trip.  A day out of our little village into the big city, such an adventure!  We grabbed our yellow grab bags and started to wonder up and down the aisle to see what caught our eyes.
You will see in the video some of the interesting things we saw.  However, my very favorite thing on the entire show was a booth that was for refinishing furniture with MILK PAINT.  The owner offered classes to learn how to refinish furniture, a very unique booth from all the others.  I was impressed!  You'll see more of that in the video as well.
Other neat things we found, beautiful copper working for gutters and such, crazy huge spas, pergolas that were just gorgeous, and kitchen cabinets that would blow your mind. 
There were some FUN things there too!  A dog frisbee show, a cute area for kid's to plant their own gardens, and ferris wheel rides. 
Check out this video of our fun finds!
Can't see the video?  Click this link:

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