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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shamrock Float - YUM


This is a great treat to go with tonight corned beef and cabbage Irish dinner!
Shamrock Float
Green Sorbet
White Soda
Fun cup
Sprinkles if you so choose

If you love dessert and you love root beer floats, you NEED to try this "DIY."  Even if it's not St. Patrick's Day, this is just a very yummy yummy treat.  We actually make this treat all year and call it a "Grinch Float" at Christmas time.  Any excuse for dessert.

The great thing about this float vs. other floats is the sherbet is a tad bit healthier then the ice cream in traditional floats.  More reason to try it now!

Check out this FUN video that me and my daughter collaborated together to make.  We really had a good silly time creating it together.  Some of the clips might be in a blooper reel at some point, but she's game to jump in on any project that includes sweets.


Can't see the video?  Click this link:

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