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Friday, March 13, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Mantel

Come along for a tour of my St. Patrick's Day mantel!

Besides my name, Shannon, being Irish, I think that's the only bit of Irish in our family.  However, that doesn't stop us from celebrating this fun holiday.

Last year we actually went to a hockey game on St. Patrick's Day and it was a total blast.  We dressed all up in our jersey's and green beads, bows, headbands, and blinky shamrock pins.  So not a traditional celebration, but we sure weren't going to risk getting pinched at an arena filled with 20,000 fans.  JUST KIDDING.  We did it because it was fun, and because why not!?

Now, back to the mantel display.

I don't think your mantel has to be green, green, green.  It would honestly stick out like a sore thumb in my home.  I have zero green anything in here.  I do however, have a ton of turquoise.  So I thought it best to incorporate that in there and the green and turquoise actually blend ok.  I think I pulled it off with a couple touches of the turquoise. 

You can visit some of the other posts from previously on how some of the elements were made here:

Take a glance at the video below and I'll go more into depth about the pieces I used and some tips about how you can pull your mantel together.


Can't see the video?  Click this link:

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