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Saturday, April 25, 2015

$2.00 Kids Balance Beam - Saturday Randomness

Welcome to Saturday Randomness!

You read that right - only $2 to make a fun outside activity for your kiddos!

I purchased one 8' long landscaping timber beam from Home Depot for $1.97!  (I think it's on special right now, originally $3.47)

Then I sanded it and sanded it and sanded it!  They are pretty rough and we don't want splinters in our little one's feet.  I ended up cutting mine down to 6' long so it was easier to move if need be and also to hack off the end that were nearly impossible to sand down evenly.

Then I cut 2 scraps of wood I had down to 12" each, again sanded them well, and placed them towards the ends of the beam.

I used 1 1/2" wood screws to secure the wood scraps to the beam.

Flip your beam over and it's ready for the fun!

I do think that I will be filling in some of the cracks in the top of the beam with some drywall fixer putty (that's the technique term... in my house).  Then I think I'll let my daughter paint it.  She is definitely creative like her momma.

What I like most about this project, it's great for both my 2 year old and my nearly 9 year old.  They can play together or play on it by themselves.  It's not always easy to find backyard fun for the older kids.  Not only is this one CHEAP but it's very simple and easy.

Thanks for stopping by for today's Randomness!
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