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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bubble Guppies Party: Food

I had so much fun planning the food for my son's Bubble Guppies/Under the Sea themed birthday party.  It wasn't just the food but the different containers that the food was in that was fun too!

I had 3 different stations. 

The first was the biggest - the dessert buffet.  
The centerpiece was an amazing cake a friend made for my son.
There was also fruit, cookies, marshmallow pops, dessert goldfish, suckers, and taffy.  All ocean themed.

Next was the drink station that I put on the opposite side of the dessert buffet, this allowed the backdrop to be double sided and do double duty for me.
The drinks included blue punch, juice barrels, and water. 
I also had the treat bags here to balance the space.

The last station was the snack bar.
Here there were the chips and dips, sandwiches, extra desserts that didn't fit on the dessert bar, and extra plates/napkins/utensils.

This was just a quick run down of the party food.  I have included a much more detailed description of everything including a video tour for an up close look in the video below.


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