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Friday, April 10, 2015

Dresser Staging

I guess you could say I'm not a minimalist.  I like to feel cozy, not too cluttered, but I'm not a minimalist by any means.  I especially like my bedroom to feel cozy and comfortable.  A place that reflects my style, a place I can go to for refuge, and a quiet place that feels comfortable and inviting.

To get this look, you don't need to spend more then... $20?  If you shop clearance like I do, you can collect wonderful things that eventually just come together in the end.  And if the item isn't quite what you want - find a way to make it work.  Cut it, distress it, paint it, change it.  Shop the dollar stores!  No shame in that!  They carry some awesome things!  That's all part of the DIY experience, finding bargains and proudly displaying them.

Join me in the video below and let me give you a tour of my current "dresser scape" and learn a few tips on how to stage your own dresser top.


Can't see the video?  Click this link:
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