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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pool Sign - Saturday Randomness

Not only did one of my best friends just celebrate a birthday, but she also had a new swimming pool installed for her family.  Lucky girl, yeah, I know!  

I designed a personalized pool sign as a birthday gift for her.

I cut down a plank of wood, sanded it, and painted it.  I am a serious vinyl person, I use vinyl every chance I get, so of course I used it on her sign.  

I found a cute sun silhouette and traced it in my program and made it yellow of course, to add that extra bright hit of color.

The sign will fade in the sun over time, but the vinyl will hold up just fine for about 4-5 years thanks to the Oracle brand of vinyl.  It honestly is the BEST vinyl you can buy.

To finish off this piece I added a jute cord hanging stapled onto the back.  And WHALA!

Now just waiting for the weather to warm up and an invite over to her house to swim and admire this sign while floating in her pool, haha!

So thanks for stopping by to see my first Saturday Randomness!
More to come!

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