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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Magic Stain Remover (for Red Stains) - Saturday Randomness

The sheer horror of when your child spills red liquid on themselves is pretty much universal.  The loud "NOoooooo...." the sad face, the panic of what to do now.

Yep, that was me, at my son's 2 year photo shoot none the less.  He was all fancied up in his just worn once Easter outfit and ready for photos.  I stopped on the way and grabbed a red Gatorade... why did I do that!?

He was taking sips here and there when the next thing I know he's covered in it.

Luckily I had brought back up outfits being at a photo shoot and all.  But I thought for sure this nice outfit was long gone and had red stains forever.

I hopped on good ol' Pinterst in a desperate attempt at finding a last ditch try to save this outfit before tossing it into the trash.

Dawn dish soap and peroxide?


Ok... here we go...

The sad sight and before of the red stains

I doused the stains with peroxide and drizzled the Dawn on top
Then I took a toothbrush and did some GOOD scrubbing
 ***I let the clothes soak in a bowl of COLD water for about 2 hours and then washed then in the washing machine in cold water too***

And wouldn't you know....

Magic happened!

Good as new!

I'm not sure if this would work for all stains, but it saved this red Gatorade stained outfit from the garbage so I hope it saves some of your outfits from a similar fate too!

Thanks for joining me for today's Saturday Randomness! 

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Nail Dots with a Bobby Pin

I may not be young as young as I used to be, but I still LOVE painting my finger nails in trendy and bright colors.  I just love color in general so, nails and nail polish are no exception.  Life is too short to not buy the fun colors of nail polish, am I right?  

I wanted to try out this technique, so join me on my video tutorial/trial run!


Can't see the video?  Click here:

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Craft Cabinet Storage Idea

I don't care how much storage you have, you can never have enough!

This is a great and inexpensive tip that will create more storage in the space that you already have!  How awesome is that!?  Whether you need more organization in your craft room, kitchen, bathroom, this tip will work in so many different areas.

Check out the quick video tutorial below for all the details!


Can't see the video?  Click here:

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chic DIY Chore Chart

In our home, we have a 9 near old and a 2 year old.  Our 2 year old of course, knows all too well how to make the messes, but is not yet a big help.  Our 9 year old, mainly gets chores during the summer.  We let her focus on her homework, studying, sports, and extracurricular both in and out of school.  We do have her do things here and there such as cleaning her room, putting laundry away, setting the table, and help with the dishes through out the year.  However, during the summer, we set up a more scheduled set of chores.  We do have rewards once they are completed too.

We've tried different methods.  My favorite and easiest was to clip clothes pin around a mason jar and when all were unclipped and inside the jar - she had earned her reward.  Easy and she had a goal to work towards.

This year, I thought maybe something that would add to our home's decor would be cute!

My favorite thing to do right now is to cut wood and stain it.  I don't know why!?  I figured up this easy and simple chore chart design shown above.  

Check out the video below and I'll share with you all the products I used as well as all the directions of how to create a chore chart for your little ones!


Can't see the video?  Click here:

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DIY Wooden Name Blocks

This was a last minute "can you do this before the weekend" projects a client requested.  Anything for a new baby!  

It's not always the easiest thing for a client to have a picture in their head, explain it, then it's your turn to transform the picture into reality.  But I think this turned out pretty adorable.

This piece actually was needed to sit up on a table at a baby shower, then later be hung on the wall.  So I made sure the wood was thick enough to let each letter stand up, then I added the picture hangers to the backs for the nursery wall decor.

If you are needing a custom and personalized piece for your home or as a gift, check out the video tutorial below!  I'll share all the details you need to recreate this piece.


Can't see the video?  Click here:

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Never Loose Your Earrings!

I don't really wear earrings much, and maybe it's because I tend to loose them a lot.  I have sensitive ears and so I tend to wear them for as long as I can tolerate, then take them out.  I came across this great tip and had to share!

Can you believe how many great things come in handy at the craft store?  I know!  A LOT!  Run to the craft store, grab a bag of buttons, pull us a chair and watch my video tutorial full of great tips and a how to "never loose your earrings" DIY!


Can't see the video?  Click here:

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

DIY Cafe Shelves - Saturday Randomness

 Beautiful DIY Cafe Shelves...

It was worth all the headaches.  Hints why this is a Saturday Randomness post and not a DIY tutorial.

I'm going to share some of the process, but it really was trial and error.  With some not so nice words thrown in.  My husband had to get involved because I was just having a terrible time with measuring and figuring out angles.

I used 4" wide wood and cut them to 2.5' long and 3.5' long

Hubby to the rescue for the molding trim part

He also attached the corbels which were about $2.00 each at Home Depot

I filled in all the nail holes before I painted

Can I just say how much I loathe this type of hanging bracket... made for a lot of adjustments and having to rehang.  Not the best at getting this right on the first try.
One shelf up!
Two shelves up!

And for my favorite part - the decorating!
Yes... One of my bowls fell off the wall... a couple months ago (yikes!)

It's definitely the change I had been wanting to make in my dining area for some time now.  It matches our decor much better now.

I also like that I can redecorate for the different holidays and it's easy to change.
In the end it all came together and I love the end result.  In all it cost under $30 for the two shelves.
Thanks for joining me for this Saturday's Randomness!
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Friday, May 22, 2015

First BIG Pinterest Milestone!

I L.O.V.E. Pinterest with my whole heart.  It's an obsession really.
I"m sure any avid crafter loves Pinterest.  Today, I really love Pinterest!
You can follow The Daily DIYer's Pinterest account HERE!

Our Grandchildren Wood Plank Sign has been pinned more then 1,200 times!  I am so incredibly excited about this!  Just a fun little milestone to celebrate!

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Terra Cotta Pot Candle Holder

I've been all about my patio lately.  It was a blank slate.  I recently threw some chairs out there for the fun of it and that's how it all started.  Whooooooopppssss.

Since then, I've added lots of additions.  I thought this little candle holder would make another nice accessory.  I painted it to look weathered, like it has been outside for awhile and think it turned out just how I wanted it.

I've included a complete video tutorial that covers the entire process of how I created this candle holder.  I hope that you try it out for yourself too!  If you do, let me know if the comments below how it goes!


Can't see if the video?  Click here:

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tags Tip

Ok, so you've come here and you are wondering, what do I really need to know about tags?

Well, let's start with this.  Do you know what a pet peeve is?  Well the best way I can explain it is that it's something that really is not that big of a deal, something that other people don't mind, but for some odd reason it is just a nagging thing that really really bothers you.

Tags are really a big pet peeve of mine.  See in the video tip below what I mean.


Can't see the video?  Click here:
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY Jewelry and Hair Clip Display

I love to accessorize!  I tend to find myself buying plain clothing that is solid in color with some different textures, but I say clear of prints for the most part.  The reason being, I love to accessorize.  Simple clothing = I can add that fancy jewelry and hair clips!

Both hair clips and jewelry are PRETTY!  Why no display them?  

I had some empty frames laying around and decided that they needed to be put to use.  Check out my video below where I explain how you can create this look for your own bathroom!


Can't see the video?  Click here:

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DIY Wooden Friend's Sign


Need a thoughtful gift for a friend?  I've got you covered in this blog post!

Wood (mine is 11"x14")
Stencil cut (FREE file provided below)
Acrylic Paint
Foam Paintbrush

I use this FRIENDS SIGN to share with you how to do this simple stenciling technique!  Vinyl signs have been on their way out and painted signs are all the popular rage right now.  Learn how simple it is to get this custom look in my video tutorial below.

Not only will you see how to create this great sign that would make an excellent gift for your best friend, but I also am sharing the exact file I used for this project so you can recreate this look to the "T."


Can't see the video?  Click here:

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Monday, May 18, 2015

DIY Wooden Lantern Hook

This is my addition to the last installment of May's Oh My Heartsie Girl's Wordless Wednesday Linky Party!  More details below!

It's simple to create your own homes decor with this lantern hook tutorial!

I'm in love with lanterns!!  Like total head over heals love with lanterns.  I use them every chance I get.  I once got the opportunity to coordinate a wedding, guess what the theme was?  Yep, lanterns.  I have one by my front door, a few in my bedroom, I add them to my mantel, kitchen window... ok... I think it borderlines on obsession.

Hi, I'm Shannon, and I have a lantern obsession.

After seeing a pinterest photo of a lantern hook, I was in.  I searched and searched... and searched... for those pretty 4" plant hooks, and even with spring upon us and green houses going up, there were NONE that were smaller then 6".  So I found a substitute (3 3/'8" screw hooks), not quite as pretty, but they really do look rustic and nice.  The important thing, they work just fine.

So check out this quick DIY video on how to create this beautiful decor item!

Can't see the video?  Click here:
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Easy DIY Porch Side Table - Saturday Randomness

I needed a side table for my porch.  So what do you do when you need something and can't find what you want?  You make it!

I started with 2- 1"x3"x8" planks of common board (around $1 each at Home Depot)
I cut them down into 
4- 17.5" long
4- 12" long

Of course then I sanded them down.

I used my work bench to help hold the boards steady as I screwed all the pieces together.
I used 1 1/4" wood screws and wood glue to hold them all together.

Here are my two table legs screwed together.

Then I needed a top.  I used 1 - 1"x6"x6' common board plank (around $2.50 at Home Depot).  Then I cut that down to 3- 22" lengths.  Then sanded those.

I decided to paint the legs white and stain the top in a dark Jocabean color by Minwax.

Then it was time to attached the legs to the top.  I started with the middle stained wood board and worked my way to the outside top boards.

I used 3 screws in each leg to  attach the legs to the top.

And there you have it!  My new porch side table!  Made to the exact size I wanted.

Now we have a nice place to put our drinks while we are out enjoying the beautiful weather!
And yes, it only cost me about $5.00 in lumber and about 1 1/2 hours of my time (plus about an hour of waiting on paint to dry).

Thanks for stopping by my Saturday Randomness!  Follow for daily DIYs!

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