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Saturday, May 23, 2015

DIY Cafe Shelves - Saturday Randomness

 Beautiful DIY Cafe Shelves...

It was worth all the headaches.  Hints why this is a Saturday Randomness post and not a DIY tutorial.

I'm going to share some of the process, but it really was trial and error.  With some not so nice words thrown in.  My husband had to get involved because I was just having a terrible time with measuring and figuring out angles.

I used 4" wide wood and cut them to 2.5' long and 3.5' long

Hubby to the rescue for the molding trim part

He also attached the corbels which were about $2.00 each at Home Depot

I filled in all the nail holes before I painted

Can I just say how much I loathe this type of hanging bracket... made for a lot of adjustments and having to rehang.  Not the best at getting this right on the first try.
One shelf up!
Two shelves up!

And for my favorite part - the decorating!
Yes... One of my bowls fell off the wall... a couple months ago (yikes!)

It's definitely the change I had been wanting to make in my dining area for some time now.  It matches our decor much better now.

I also like that I can redecorate for the different holidays and it's easy to change.
In the end it all came together and I love the end result.  In all it cost under $30 for the two shelves.
Thanks for joining me for this Saturday's Randomness!
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