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Monday, May 4, 2015

DIY Mother's Day Picture Holder

What a great Mother's Day gift idea!

I originally saw this on Shanty2Chic's website but altered it a bit to make it more personalized.

I always find it very interesting how you can take a piece of wood and really create it into amazing things.  For this DIY you start with a piece of common board that is 11"x13" and transform it into a chalkboard style interchangeable picture holder!

Here are the materials I used for this project:

Of course I used vinyl for the wording on this frame, but you could use a paint pen - or go to Shanty2Chic's website HERE and print off their free printable too!

To see how to put this project together here is my short DIY video tutorial...

Can't see the video?  Click here:

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