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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Easy DIY Porch Side Table - Saturday Randomness

I needed a side table for my porch.  So what do you do when you need something and can't find what you want?  You make it!

I started with 2- 1"x3"x8" planks of common board (around $1 each at Home Depot)
I cut them down into 
4- 17.5" long
4- 12" long

Of course then I sanded them down.

I used my work bench to help hold the boards steady as I screwed all the pieces together.
I used 1 1/4" wood screws and wood glue to hold them all together.

Here are my two table legs screwed together.

Then I needed a top.  I used 1 - 1"x6"x6' common board plank (around $2.50 at Home Depot).  Then I cut that down to 3- 22" lengths.  Then sanded those.

I decided to paint the legs white and stain the top in a dark Jocabean color by Minwax.

Then it was time to attached the legs to the top.  I started with the middle stained wood board and worked my way to the outside top boards.

I used 3 screws in each leg to  attach the legs to the top.

And there you have it!  My new porch side table!  Made to the exact size I wanted.

Now we have a nice place to put our drinks while we are out enjoying the beautiful weather!
And yes, it only cost me about $5.00 in lumber and about 1 1/2 hours of my time (plus about an hour of waiting on paint to dry).

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