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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Updated Entry Table - Saturday Randomness

Just spray paint it!

I've had this little table for years!  It's mainly been an entry way piece with a lamp on it or a plant on it.  It is cute, but it was thrown in the basement when I wanted a new look for the entry.

Then I needed something for outside.  It's spring and I'm all about working outside as much as I can.  Decorating is my favorite thing to do, and decorating outside when it finally warms up, yep I'm all giddy!

Time to pull out the spray paint!
I used Krylon's Chalky Finished spray paint in Tidal Blue (MY FAVORITE SPRAY PAINT OF ALL TIME. PERIOD.)
Here's some other projects I've used this spray paint on:
Updated Lamps

I added the giant lantern to the top of the now beautiful and colorful side table.  I guess it is still part of the "entry" just the outside part of the entry now.

I think it add the right little bit of whimsy to welcome guests and give the space some height!

Thanks for stopping by for today's Randomness!
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