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Monday, June 1, 2015

Fleece Scarf Party Favor (for Ice Skating Party!)

I wanted something... different for my daughter's ice skating birthday party for favors.  Something, useful.

I made sure I told everyone to remember to dress warm and to bring their socks - but figured most wouldn't bundle up for winter with it being 85 degree outside.  
So I came up with the great idea to provide a scarf to each guest!  Not only cute but useful.  Perfect!
What was even more perfect - they only cost me $.63 each!  Not even kidding!
It cost $7.50 for the fleece to make 12 scarves.  And I over bought the pink fleece for the flowers, so it really could have been even cheaper!  Crazy right!?

All the girls loved them and wore them.  Success!

I've included a video tutorial below of how I made the scarves and the twisted fleece flowers that I embellished the fronts with.
Super quick and easy tutorial.  Enjoy!

Can't see the video?  Click here:
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