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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ice Skating Party Details


I love planning them and hosting them!

My daughter chose to have her ice skating themed party the moment she went with Girl Scouts in January!  Her birthday is May 24th and I decided to just book it right then and there since May 24th fell on Memorial Day weekend.  I didn't want to chance it being booked closer to time.

So this party has been set in stone for months now!
She could NOT wait.

I bought a printable party package off Etsy and used many many of the included items such as: 
-Favor tags
-Welcome signs
-Water bottle wraps
-Tent signs
- Banners
-Centerpiece circles
-Mini candy bar wraps
-Straw flags
- and MORE!

I just printed what I wanted and needed from the set and pieced it all together.  

So even though we've had this party planned for a long time, the prep didn't start till about a week ahead of time.  WE ARE BUSY.  It was a rush rush type thing.

We had rules with the venue that we weren't able to put anything on the walls, so I had to find a way around that (which you'll see in the video).  We also only had 30 minutes to set up!  I KNOW!!!  That's insane!  I like to take a whole day to adjust and readjust... I was sad about this.  But it make me keep things simple, quick, and easy too - which, for once, was nice!

Even though we kept it fairly simple, we added plenty of special details to make sure it was personalized for our ice princess.

So even though this post is about the decor from our ice skating themed party, I also need to add how much FUN it was!  From little ones, to the girls, to the adults, we ALL had a total blast!  We laughed, and fell, and cheered each other on, and smiled and smiled.  I highly recommend ice skating parties!  

So now, onto the party details in video form!  Enjoy!

Can't see the video?  Click here:

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