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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Removable Back Splash

This is a great DIY for temporary kitchen decor.  It's also very inexpensive!  It didn't even take an entire roll of contact paper to complete my kitchen.  Entire new and brighter look for under $10.00!

As much as I like the navy blue color, it make it very much like I was doing food prep in a cave.  Always so dark!  Even when the sun was out!  We've tried several different under the counter lights and have LEDs at the moment which are ok, but the bright white has improved the way the light bounces onto the counter tops.

I'm still trying to let this print grow on me.  It's not quite what I wanted, but it's ok.  And for the brighter look it gives to the kitchen, I think I'll keep it around awhile.  However, when I get tired of it or change my mind - it's REMOVABLE.  It will peel off and no one will know the difference.

Here's a video of how this look came together and also a look at how I staged my counter tops.


Can't see the video?  Click here:

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  1. What was cleanup like? I'm kinda worried that it won't hold up to hear and grease and being cleaned often. What's your experience been?