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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Updated Contact Paper Kitchen Backsplash

Back in July I updated my kitchen backsplash for FREE with contact paper (that I already had).  You can see all the details from that post HERE
This is the OLD before & after of the 1st backsplash
As much as I LOVED this update, it had it's flaws.  There were a lot of seams.  I have plaster walls and it didn't stick well.  I ended up going back and adding thumb tacks to keep it from falling down.  Due to all the seams, and from the heat of the oven, I was in need of adding more thumbtacks then I would like and decided it was time for a change...
I had seen someone make a newspaper template of their wall and made one cut from a roll of contact paper, eliminating the seams.

A light bulb went off - I'll use my existing contact paper backsplash as a template after I pull it down!  So that's what I did!
Here I unrolled the roll of new contact paper, layered the old contact paper template on top, traced and cut.

The start of laying out the new contact paper.  I still needed to use a few thumbtacks to get it started and added in a few places along the way.

Working my way along the first wall, onto the second wall.

Here is where I did have ONE seam.  Apparently my new roll of contact paper wasn't as long as my original.  I had tons of left over from the first basksplash and assumed the same for this and only bought 1 roll... I was wrong - and back to the store I went to buy a second roll.

Finished new faux backsplash

I am pretty much in love with this new design.  It is much more like tile and brightens up the kitchen even more.

Old vs. New contact paper backsplash

No it's not perfect, but it was a beautiful update that cost under $11.00!

***Contact paper is a white/gray quartrefoil from Walmart and about $5.50 per roll.  I used less then 2 rolls.
Video tutorial here:

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Faux Metal Letters

Can I just say how much I love my dear friend "J."  She has me creating all kinds of new things and I am just loving how all of them are turning out!

For this DIY project, she wanted faux metal "EAT" letters that she could stand up on her kitchen counters.

I read through a few tutorials and sort of did a combination of them to make the look she wanted.  So here's my technique...

I used these three paints and a foam paint brush
8" paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby

Coat ONE of black paint

Coat TWO of black paint

Then I lightly dry brushed on a coat of the metallic silver paint
Next I hit a few places with the turquoise paint to give it a "patina" look which also matched "J's" kitchen
And then I went over it a second time and lighted brushed on more silver metallic paint.
They look so nice in her kitchen and I just love how great they turned out!
You can find these for sale on my Facebook business page (Heart to Heart Studios) HERE

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Long time no BLOG!

I need to do a full post on what I've been up to, but I can tell you this...
My hope is to jump back onto this blog train and we will start with Valentine's Day

 Remember the beautiful DIY Cafe Shelves me and hubby built last spring?
~Link to that post HERE~

Here is my Valentine's Day decor in our dining room on those beautiful cafe shelves.

I always (and I mean really try) to hit the after holiday sales.  Last year I lucked out with Valentine's Day.  I found TONS of decor 80% off at Hobby Lobby.  My heart fluttered when I opened my Valentine's Day storage tote and saw some great new things for me to use this year.  I love when that happens.

The beautiful chalkboard heart jars were among those 80% off steals.  The heart wreath I picked up at a craft show.  I love giving other creative artists my support too!

Stay tuned for my new cafe shelf redecoration coming after I have to take all the lovely Valentine's Day decor down.
If you want a look at what I've been up to, I've been great about updating my INSTAGRAM account nearly daily.
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