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Monday, February 15, 2016

Faux Metal Letters

Can I just say how much I love my dear friend "J."  She has me creating all kinds of new things and I am just loving how all of them are turning out!

For this DIY project, she wanted faux metal "EAT" letters that she could stand up on her kitchen counters.

I read through a few tutorials and sort of did a combination of them to make the look she wanted.  So here's my technique...

I used these three paints and a foam paint brush
8" paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby

Coat ONE of black paint

Coat TWO of black paint

Then I lightly dry brushed on a coat of the metallic silver paint
Next I hit a few places with the turquoise paint to give it a "patina" look which also matched "J's" kitchen
And then I went over it a second time and lighted brushed on more silver metallic paint.
They look so nice in her kitchen and I just love how great they turned out!
You can find these for sale on my Facebook business page (Heart to Heart Studios) HERE

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