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Friday, May 27, 2016

DIY Pallet Clock (Part 2)

Sometimes there are DIY projects that go just as planned... this one took some extra elbow grease.

None the less, the end product was worth all the hang up.  It is such a beautiful piece!

So my first word of advice, don't get your clock kid from Hobby Lobby.  Mine was broke and missing pieces, even though it was brand new and not opened or tampered with.  We ended up buying a second set from a clock supplier on Amazon.

Second piece of advice, make sure you wood is as thin as you can get it to be.  The post on the clock kit is only so long.  We had to do some extra sanding on the back for the clock workings box would fit.

Lastly this clock is 24" wide and needed a high torque clock kit.  If your clock is smaller, order a kit that matches your size of clock.

My new video is the 2nd part of the Pallet Clock tutorial, you can see the first part in my Day in the Life of a DIYer post here:

Here's the newest video and the finished product!

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