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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

SURPRISE! Wizard of Oz Party

Guys... my mom is seriously THE BEST MOM.
She beats me in the "Mommaing" for sure.  Mainly because not only is she a great mom to me but a great GRAMMA to my kids.  That's double duty right there.

We got her tickets to see the production of The Wizard of Oz for her 55th birthday.
Sure, I could have wrapped them up and just handed them to her - but that's NO FUN.

In comes the SURPRISE Wizard of Oz themed birthday party!

We had already taken her out to dinner (we had the best homemade gourmet hamburgers of our lives y'all!).  This was after dinner where we brought her back to our home for dessert - or so she thought.

Here's are a few photos from her special night, if you'd like to see more details and the look on her surprised face, watch the video linked below.



Table Cloth Rainbow Curtain

Emerald City
(Gift table)

The Witch's Castle
(Dessert Buffet)

Kansas themed dining table

For all the details of this party see the video below:

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