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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mason Jars! Crossin My Heart Creations Etsy Shop

Welcome to The Daily DIYers Etsy Shop!

I feel like I am an "evolving crafter."  I sort of get my feet wet in a lot of different types of crafts.  I think all "good" crafters sort of get into something, prefect it, and then move onto something new.  In my mind, I don't really get bored with projects, I just want to try new things!
I had this wild idea to streamline my Etsy Shop.  It was a hodge podge of different things.  I've had this love for Mason Jars for a long time now and thought, I just want to have a shop full of Mason Jar items!

I'm finally to the point where I have crafted some awesome items, photographed, edited, and watermarked all the photos and have started adding items to my 

Here's a few of the items I'm featuring:
Mason Jar Key Chains
Click HERE to shop

Set of 6 Mason Jar Note Cards
Click HERE to shop
Sets of 3 Distressed Mason Jars
Click HERE to shop
I hope that you will take a second to visit my shop! 
 I always accept custom orders as well!
Crossin My Heart Creations Etsy Shop
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