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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Glow Party Backdrop

We needed a way to transform our basement into a very dark environment for our daughter's 10th Birthday party.  She hit the big 1-0!!! Crazy feeling for this momma!

She requested a black light/glow party so having it very dark was a must!  We also use our basement for a variety of different things: home school, my craft/work studio, hubby's man cave, storage... so we needed to cover a lot of that up too.

I moved as much of the loose items up against the walls and used a black plastic sheeting from Walmart to go around the main room where the party would be.  I used not quite two rolls of the plastic in the photo below:

Each roll was about $10 each, so for $20 there was plenty for what we needed.  It went up SO FAST AND EASY with a staple gun and some packing tape.  

It also created a great backdrop to add decor and our stations to!!!!

I created a video to show the process of how this backdrop went up, just click the link below.

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