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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Vendor Store Restock & Craft Supply Shopping

I always love seeing insight into other people's businesses and the way they go about their days. I am sure most people say 'oh, she's a just a stay at home mom." And yes, proudly I am. But I'm even more then that, I'm a WORK at home mom. But not all my work is done AT HOME.

Many of my days are spent taking care of the typical daily needs of the kids, the hubby, and the house work. However, I have a whole new level of responsibility that goes along with working from home. Being a crafting work at home mom, I'm also constantly needing supplies and shopping craft supply stores in a common occurrence. Also stocking the shops where my creations are sold in is big on that list.

Fall Craft Supply Shopping!

All with a toddler in tow

My hair bows in Serendipity Gifts
This video is a day in the life of a working/crafting/business woman/mom (toddler in tow and all). So come along shopping with me! Also meet and see inside one of the vendor shops my products are sold at!


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THANK YOU TO: Serendipity Gifts for allowing me to video inside your store!
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