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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bike Wash Sprinkler!

If there was one thing I would make for my son, over and over again, it would be this bike wash.  He is OBSESSED with it!  He is obsessed with real car washes in general.  When this idea popped up on Pinterest I knew this would make the perfect birthday gift for him!

His birthday was in April, and it was still warming up so we left this put together in our basement for him to run laps through without water.  When it warmed up, he had a total ball with it!  I just love seeing his smile!

After looking at a few different designs we went for THIS ONE because it had a very good detailed set of instructions (that were printable) for us to follow.

My hubby cut all the pipes with the miter saw, which was super quick and easy.  Make sure you have all the connections and it goes together like building blocks!  We did add adhesive to the bottom connections because it kept getting bumped and would come apart, but we want to be able to take some of it apart for storage over the colder months, so we didn't glue the entire thing together.

Here is a video of us putting the pieces together, drilling the holes, and of course our kiddos breaking it in.


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Thanks to Design Mom for the awesome tutorial!

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