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Monday, October 3, 2016

Adding Lights to a Wood Sign

So this isn't my favorite DIY to do, but it adds too much to the look of a sign that I do like to do this every once in awhile,  The wood signs just looks so pretty with the lights on!
It's fairly inexpensive, as I was able to pick up a 15 ct. of battery powered string lights from Hobby Lobby for only $1.99.  However, do bring your patients along with you when it's time to tackle this project.
Drilling the holes in the wood sign

The back of the sign after the lights are installed
In the video you see I have gone to an extra step of taping down the lights, then actually stapling the tape to the sign instead of stapling the lights right into the board itself.  There are a couple of reasons for this:  First, I ruined a set of lights stapling them into the board because it shorted the lights out.  The staples were too tight and basically smashed the wires and prevented the electrical power flow to the rest of the lights.  The other reason is, this will make it much easier if I need to change out the batteries or change out a light bulb in the future.
So now that I've given you a short run down, you can see the whole process of how to add string lights to your wood signs in the DIY vido I've created and linked below.

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