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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DIY Pallet Shutter

We created this shutter for a wood working workshop that me and a friend host monthly.  We liked the idea that you could use this shutter in a bunch of different ways.  By adding a hook to the front it made it versatile so you could hang a wreath, a lantern, a picture or whatever matches your decor.  We also liked that it could be used inside or outside.  Add a picture hanger to the back and you can even hang it on the wall.  So many great options!

The even better news about this project is that it's EASY!  Definitely a great beginner wood workers project.  Not a lot of cutting and easy assembly.

I share with you in my video tutorial below, step by step how to create this awesome home decor piece.
Hope you enjoy!

Direct link to the video tutorial:

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