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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

*~*DIY Unicorn Costume*~*

When my "little" girl asked to be a unicorn for Halloween I almost jumped for joy!  She is 10 years old and I wonder when the joys of Halloween and trick or treat will come to an end.  Not to mention, she's still rocking the colorful girly girl costumes!

I hit Pinterest and looked for ideas.  Nothing much caught my eye, but I did like the look of the white "body" and the colorful headband.

Then real MAGIC happened! contacted me wanting to know if I'd like to try their fabric!  I browsed their online store and thought to myself, how will I ever choose!?!  Then I came across this BEAUTIFUL faux fur called Monkey Rainbow.  It could not have been more perfect to up the cool effect on my daughter's Halloween costume!

They were so great and shipped the fabric to me super quick, which was great because I only had a week to complete the costume before all of our fun Halloween events.

My first thought was - skirt.  So I started with that, which led to legwarmers, then arm warmers, and then a scarf, and then a mane on the headband.

The monkey rainbow faux fur was so easy to work with!  I'd suggest it to even beginners.  I created a DIY video with a full tutorial as well as tips and tricks to working with this awesome fabric.

Hope you enjoy!

BIG thanks to again for supplying the faux fur fabric for this costume!

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