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Monday, October 24, 2016

Hocus Pocus Halloween Decor

"It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!"

This movie is a favorite of mine and many others too.  I created a Hocus Pocus mantel last year which I LOVED.  

However, this year I'm loving my apple orchard themed mantel and didn't want to take it down.  So instead, I set up my Hocus Pocus decor on our dining room cafe shelves.  This way I get the best of both and I'm actually loving how it turned out!

I tried to include all the pieces of the movie that I could.  I have the black flame candle, all 7 ingredients in the witch's potion, I created the friendly zombie Billy's headstone, and found a cute black cat to represent Binks.  Then I found a fun print that sort of fit the vintage look and framed it, along with a picture of my kids in my favorite Halloween costumes of theirs - Jack and Sally.

I added some candles and some black meshy fabric and it all came together nicely!

Here's a video of the whole display and up close details.
Hope you enjoy!

Direct link to the video:

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