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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Halloween Yard Display

We have been adding to our Nightmare Before Christmas yard display for three years now.  We try to add on and add something new each year.  This year was our 4 foot tall Oogie Boogie (you can see how he was made HERE).

Three years ago we all dressed up as Nightmare Before Christmas characters and then decorated our yard to match.  I just couldn't get rid of our 6 foot (+) tall Jack Skellington.  So instead of changing things up, we have decided to just keep adding to the theme.

During the daytime 

I give you a full tour of our pretty cool yard art and display in the attached video.  You'll get to see the display during the day and then again when it's dark outside.  You just can't capture all the details at night, and you can't see all the fun lighting effects during the day, so both versions it is!

I hope you enjoy!  It brings our family a lot of joy and also members of our neighborhood.

Hope you enjoy as well!

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