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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

DIY Pallet Wood Tray

There are so many things you can make with pallet wood!  Even beautiful home decor like this tray!  It still amazes me how ugly old wood can be transformed into something beautiful enough to use in your home.

This is a very simple design.  It comes close to a simple pallet sign, with a twist.  My client requested a more rustic sort of handle.  The rope and brackets added that perfect touch.  I share with you in the video tutorial below how you can create a tray like this yourself.
I hope that you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Monday, April 24, 2017

DIY Rustic Blanket Ladder

I have made blanket ladders in the past; however, not in this style.  This was honestly easier than the other's I was making (see that post here).  You'll need (3) 1"x4"s for this project and some nails or screws.  It doesn't get much simple than that.  We love those types of projects, right?

What I like about blanket ladders is that they are functional, but also a great home decor piece.  You can paint them, stain them, antique them, make them match your home's decor.  They would also be great in a bathroom for towels, at Christmas for stockings, or even in a kid's room to display art work.  The sky is the limit!  You can really get creative with this design.

I share in the video tutorial below all the details of you can make your own blanket ladder.
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Friday, April 21, 2017

DIY Spring Wood SIgn | Live Life in Full Bloom

When you have ugly wood, KEEP IT!  It can always come in handy for something.  This piece of scrap wood had a huge ugly knot on it.  I trimmed that part off and had myself a fresh slate that turned into this perfectly sized wood sign I am using on my spring mantel.

I like that this sign is a more subtle take on spring.  No pastels, still in the colors and style I have throughout my home; however it has a very spring like message.  "Live life in full bloom."

I share with you in my newest video tutorial how that ugly piece of scrap wood transformed into this beautiful spring wood sign.
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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You can also purchase this wood sign in my Etsy Shop here:

Thanks for check it out!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DIY Desk Build | IKEA Hyllis Hack

There are two good points to actually DIYing your own furniture.  Fist, the cost.  The inspirational desk I found online that was very similar to this desk we built was  $300.00.  We were able to build this desk for under $60.00.  The second reason is the dimensions.  You basically get a custom, made to fit your space, piece of furniture.  We made this the height and the width we wanted.  It all worked out just perfectly!

This desk is the newest addition to our open floor plan living space.  I needed a place to edit, work, and also do some projects if I needed to.  Also it's for our daughter who needed a better place to do her homework.  So far we have really enjoyed this new space!  It's a great work area as well as added additional storage or office supplies that were clogging other areas of our home.

We were able to cut down two IKEA Hyllis shelves for this project and added the wood in the exact color we have throughout our home.  I give you a detailed DIY video tutorial in the link below.
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Monday, April 17, 2017

DIY Easter Birthday Party

I know I've mentioned in a few other posts that we were getting ready for our son's 4th birthday, which just also happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year.  I think that's pretty special, don't you?!  The Easter Bunny AND a birthday all in the same day.  It's got the ingredients for a pretty magical day.

I decided we were for sure going to kill two birds with one stone.  Our family gets together for Easter every year anyway, why not have a true Easter/Birthday party with everyone already together.  I didn't want to theme to look too girly, since it was for our son.  I have found a lot of Easter decor looks very feminine with all the rainbow pastels, and that's exactly what I wanted to stay away from.  So instead, we went with more of the chocolate bunnies, carrots, and simplistic style.

This was a fun party to plan.  We kept it a little more simple than we have in the past.  We are toning down the parties.  I don't think you need to go crazy to still have a very beautiful and memorable party though.  I hope that this video tour shows you just exactly what I mean by that.
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Friday, April 14, 2017

DIY Scrap Pallet Wood Signs

I have a hefty scrap wood pile going right now.  I always keep the "good" stuff when I'm cutting down signs.  When it's time to start restocking shops with new stuff I start working on getting that pile of scrap used up.

These two pallet signs turned out lovely!  They are also Rae Dunn inspired.  You'd never know that they were "scraps."  Which really just means, the ends of pieces I didn't need at the time, it's still great wood.  This is a great example of that.  Save your scraps!

I created a video tutorial to show you how these signs were made in much more detail and in real time.  I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dollar Tree & Walmart Easter Party Haul

When your little guy's 4th birthday falls on Easter Sunday you also have a Birthday party!  It's sort of a double whammy; however, in my mind it works out just perfect this year.  We are always with family on Easter Sunday anyway so why not have a double party bash?

I always hit the Dollar Tree first when shopping for party supplies.  I was able to find lots of treats, decor, dinner items, and a few extra fun things.  I also went to Walmart to get a few other things I wasn't able to get at the Dollar Tree, mainly things for this birthday cake.

I wanted to share this fun haul with you.  Maybe you are having an Easter party too, or having a spring party, or like me throwing an Easter birthday party
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Monday, April 10, 2017

DIY Pallet Wood Bunnies

I love turning old scrap wood that looks like it may not have a purpose into great decor pieces like these bunnies.  It just goes to show that everything can be re-purposed and transformed.  These pallets were pretty rough looking with nails hanging out.  I was able to salvage a good portion of these pieces of wood.

I created a video tutorial to share with you the process of how these bunnies were born.  All the way from ugly pallet wood - to painted and accessorized spring decor!  I even share a simple bow tutorial of how the bow ties are made.
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring & Easter Home Decor Tour

Happy April and Happy Spring!  We have been getting loads of rain, so the "April's showers" saying is dead on right now.  Not a whole lot of enjoying the slightly warmer temps yet, but I'm not complaining.  I've been getting a lot done around the house.  Plus the "brings May flowers" part is not here just yet, and I always look forward to May!

I'm sharing with you a home decor tour today of my farmhouse style Easter and Spring decor.
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

DIY Coffee Bar Wood Sign

Are you Rae Dunn obsessed?  I sort of am... sort of.  I have a mug tower full and a spoon rest and that's the extend of my collection.  I do wish I had much more though.  I'd love to have the canisters for sugar and flour.  I'd also really like to have some bowl.  Ok, enough about me and my Rae Dun collection (if you call it that).

This sign is Rae Dunn inspired.  I don't think you need to have a Rae Dun collection to like this style of wood sign.  It is still very farmhouse style and would go great with any coffee bar.

I used a white chalk paint for the background, and hand stenciled the black chalkboard paint for the font.  The frame is stained in Jacobean by Minwax.

I share all the details of how this sign was made in the video tutorial below.
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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You can purchase this wood sign in my Etsy Shop HERE

Monday, April 3, 2017

In this house we do Disney Wood Sign

Going to Disney World is high on my bucket list.  Even at my age, I still think it would be so magical!  When I get orders from people needing Disney related items, I do feel a little jealous knowing they know the magic of Disney, in this case they are avid Disney cruisers.

None the less, I'm so grateful to be asked to create something so special for my client's home.  This sign was recreated from a picture they sent to me.  I added my own spin on the fonts and adjusted and adjusted and adjusted till it looked just right.

I share with you in the video tutorial I've linked below, just how I created this wood sign.
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Friday, March 31, 2017

DIY Bunny Blocks from 2x4's

Sometimes, you just have to hit that scrap pile of wood.  Amazing things can come from those left overs!  I had a short piece of 2x4 hanging around and thought they would make some cute blocks for spring and Easter.

I've been going for a more neutral Easter decor in my home this year, instead of all the pastels.  That's what inspired the black, white, and gray look for these little cuties.

I created a DIY video to show you how how easy you can make some for your own home's decor in the video tutorial below.  I hope you enjoy!

Direct link to the video here:
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

DIY Farmhouse Style Coffee Table

I had this project on my to do list for a very long time.  When our son was born we did without a coffee table so he had carpet to play on (most of our home is hardwood floors, so we only had a 5'x7' rug in the living room).  Our little guy is about to turn 4 years old now and he's all over the place now.  Finally it was time to add back a coffee table.

There are so many different styles and tutorials so I found one that was sort of inexpensive but still had to look I was wanting.  After giving our end tables a makeover (see that transformation HERE), I wanted the coffee table to look like it matched and flowed.  I used the same paint and the same wood stain and it all came together beautifully!

I love the big wire basket with the liner underneath too!  I found that beauty at Hobby Lobby.  We needed a place for blankets and it's worked perfectly!  It's easy to pull them out and put them away and it's all nicely hidden when not needed.

For this build we used mainly 2x2's.  The top is made from different width wood I had in the garage to give it a random barnwood look (all are 1x's).  The great part about it is it's very inexpensive to build.  2x2's are less than $2.00 each and I think we used 4 of them.  The top was scrap for me, but you could use 2-  1x8's which are under $6.00 each.  So total: $20.00 in wood!

This was a joint effort build for me and my hubby.  Yes, sometimes he likes to get in on the power tool action too, and I guess I should let him, right?  Ha!
I created an easy to follow tutorial of this whole build from cutting the wood, to building the piece, to painting and staining it, and even adding the decorative pieces.
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Monday, March 27, 2017

DIY Bunny Trail Wood SIgn

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail... Hopping Down the Bunny Trail... Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way!

This is a little bit more of a modern farmhouse style version of an Easter wood sign.  Very simple, yet perfectly rustic.  Great with any decor with it's neutral tones.

This wood sign started with a dark wood stain, and once I added a chalk paint white wash it transformed into this beautiful piece!

I share the step by step process of this wood sign in the video tutorial below. 
I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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Order this wood sign available in my Esty Shop!

Friday, March 24, 2017

DIY Dollar Tree Succulent Wreath

Another YouTuber asked me to do a Dollar Tree collaboration, and how could I turn that down?  Only rule was, everything you use had to be from the Dollar Tree.  I nearly got away from getting everything from there; however this wreath needed burlap as a base and my Dollar Tree was out of their burlap on the roll.  I did already have some burlap by the yard at home already luckily.

The supplies I used for this wreath were:
14" wire wreath form
16 succulent picks
spanish moss
hot glue & glue gun
wire cutters

This was a super easy DIY projects.  It takes a little time and a lot of hot glue.  In the end I love how it turned out!  I have been these wreaths online for $50, $100, $150+.  My Dollar Tree version cost me under $20 to make from Dollar Tree supplies!

I share the full tutorial in this DIY video.
I hope you enjoy!

Direct link to the video here:

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

DIY HUGE Entry Shiplap Framed Wood Sign

When you make wood sign for yourself and it hangs on the wall for 2 months blank...
Yep, I totally did that.

This wood sign is in our entry and can be seen from just about everywhere - kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, kids room... so I took me a long time to decide what exactly I wanted it to look like and say.

I saw this saying on a few Pinterest posts and I just kept coming back to it.  I needed it to be the right fonts and look nice and balanced so it took even longer for me to get the design right.  Sometimes the things we make for ourselves are harder than those we make for client's requests.

In the end, I LOVE it and so glad that I took the time to get it right.

This wood signs measures 18" tall and 40" wide.  I used white and black chalkboard paint as well as Jacobean wood sign (my fav!).

I created a DIY tutorial to show you how I created this piece.  Confession: I must have not recorded the actual build of the sign.  However, I have already covered these tutorials in two other posts which I'll link below as well.  I still hope you can find inspiration from this wood sign!

Direct link to the video here:

Ship Lap Framed Sign Tutorial here:

Framed Wood Sign Tutorial here:


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thrive Market Haul

I came across Thrive Market thanks to another YouTuber and I'm so glad that I did!  It's so nice to see a site dedicated to providing the best of the best natural products.  It has saved me from having to do a lot of research on my own of what are the best products to use.  I also like that they offer 15% OFF and FREE SHIPPING on your first purchase.  Come to find out, their prices are even better than Amazon too!  

I have big plans to switch out our lotions, hand sanitizers, general purpose cleaners, face washes, and more.  I was able to get most of what I needed from this site.  Other items I needed are staple items I had around my own house.  I will be doing some DIY tutorials in the near future on all the products I end up making so subscribe to my YouTube channel to see!

My first experience with this company I caught on the video I've linked below.  I share with you all the products I purchased from my first time ordering from them.

Direct link to the video here:

**I have no affiliation with this company, all of the opinions from this blog post and YouTube video are simply my own.
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Basket Shelf Makeover

When you buy a storage system and never get around to refinishing it like you planned... years and year later.  This was definitely one of those projects.  I bought this unfinished wood storage piece YEARS ago from Michael's Arts and Crafts (when I worked there).  I knew it would look very cool painted and fixed up, but it never got there.  In my deffense, I did use it!  It served a lot of different purposes around the house.  It just never got a paint makeover.

After going down the rabbit hole of redecorating our kid's bedroom, I had this slim space next to the bunk bed and their bedroom door.  We needed a place to put things and the table there was WAY too big, but it worked for awhile.  Then I saw this piece, which was holding all of my acrylic paints, sitting in the laundry room and thought - that would be perfect for the space!

So I found a new home for my acrylic paint bottle and got to work on their new basket storage.  I share with you in the video below just how it all came to life.  My little guy even got to help paint.  He loves to help!  I love that he gets to help with something that is for his room.
I hope you enjoy this video tutorial!

Direct link to the video here:

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Friday, March 17, 2017

DIY Super Hero Wood Signs

I have really gotten away from vinyl wood signs lately.  I've been focusing on stenciling wood signs in that pallet, reclaimed, rustic look and feel.  When a client asked for 4 super hero wood signs, I knew stenciling wasn't the way to go.  A clean, crisp look was much more the look I needed to go for.

I had learned in my son's wood signs project (you can see that "oops" here) that I needed to seal the paint before vinyling.  I had big mistakes to fix on my son's wood signs, and I did not want that to happen again.  So I gave these signs a couple of coats of paint and then went over that with a matte clear vanish.  This technique worked perfectly!  No paint peeling up and the vinyl stuck great!

See all the details of how these wood vinyled signs were made in my DIY tutorial linked below.
I hope you find some inspiration!

Direct link to the video here:
Purchase these wood signs in my Etsy shop!
Etsy listing here:
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