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Friday, January 20, 2017

Farmhouse Decor BIG Hobby Lobby Haul

I have never loved Hobby Lobby as much as I do right now.  I've always loved HobLob.  I am there a lot getting supplies for orders and projects.  However, their home decor is just spot on at the moment, and everything I was wanting they had.  It was almost too much good decor that I had a hard time not grabbing everything to squeeze it all in.

I think in the end I did a good job of just grabbing stuff I had a good idea of what I was going to use it for or where it would go without just randomly putting things into my cart and saying "I'll figure it out when I get it home."

This whole video today is about the amazing farmhouse style items I picked up at Hobby Lobby and also I share some photos at the end of where and how those items were used in my home.  I hope you find some inspiration if we share the same taste and design style!

Direct link to the video here:
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