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Friday, January 6, 2017

Large Firefighter Wood Sign

Because my husband is a volunteer firefighter, this sign older got some added extra special love.  I can relate to the wife that worded it, and as you'll hear in the video, the siren at the beginning is a very familiar sound in volunteer firefighter's home.  As soon as that siren goes off, everything stops, my husband drops everything he's doing and speeds off to the firehouse to gear up.  It can be exciting and also a source of anxiety, because as the wife, of course I worry every single call.  I never know when he'll be home or where he's going.  None the less, I am also very proud him.  He is off to help someone who is in dire need, and using the skills he's put in a lot of time and work to learn.

I share with you in the video linked below, just how this special piece came to life.
I hope you enjoy!

Direct link to the video:

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