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Monday, February 6, 2017

DIY Super Bowl Party

I love parties and I love to plan parties every chance I get!  When the Super Bowl rolled around, I could have made food and everyone would have been happy, Super Bowls are all about the food, right?  However, not for me and not in my house.  I have to make it "cute" and "fun" and "festive."

The best part about it all was outside of all the food and ingredients, all the decorating maybe cost about $20 give or take.  Here's how I did it.  I used what I had.  I hit the Dollar Tree.  I used FREE printables to accessorize.
Here is a link to my Party Ideas Pinterest board if you'd like to see where I found some of the items you see here.

I went ahead and did a party tour video to share with you some of the ideas I used in our own Super Bowl party.  I hope that you find it helpful and inspires you!
Here's the video - hope you enjoy!

Direct link to the video here:

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