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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

DIY Wood Floating Shelves

When you have odd ball walls in your home, you have to get creative.  This was just an odd space that I never quite knew what to do with.  It's in the entry, next to the bathroom door and my daughter's bedroom door, and to top it off it's also next to an angled wall.  I wanted something that wouldn't get knocked over and it couldn't stick too far out.  I couldn't do a gallery wall because it's not far from my living room that already had a gallery display.  I wanted something clean and organized too.

That's a lot to want, right?  So for the longest time I just never liked what I had there.  I came across THIS POST (from the Thrift & Chic blog) for $5.00 floating shelves.  I read over the instructions and liked the price tag, then realized it was a basic design I could definitely handle.

You'll see in my DIY video below how easy they really are.  I did have my hubby help install, it was just much easier with two hands, and he likes to use the power tools once in awhile too ;-)
I hope you enjoy the start to finish tutorial I am including below!

Direct link to the video here:

Thanks to Thrify and Chic for creating a great DIY tutorial for these wood shelves!
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