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Saturday, February 18, 2017

FAQ's Answered

The whole reason I started my YouTube channel was to help others with their DIY projects and also to inspire others that they can do this too!
I've really really enjoyed this whole process.  The videos are made just to show some of the custom orders and my own projects I do around my own house.  I understand that not all the details are always captured and I don't always explain every step in the process, so I do get a lot of questions.  I am always more than happy to answer questions that are posted in the comments section of my tutorial on YouTube.  
I decided to throw up a quick video requesting anyone's questions that they might have.  I also wanted to touch on some of the most frequently asked questions that I get on a regular bases.  I liked that in this video I could explain in more detail as I was answering questions and that I could also throw this video up where lots of people would see it instead of answering the question for one person, then getting the question again from someone else.
So with all that said, I hope that this video helps clear up some questions as you have been watching my DIY tutorials.
Hope you enjoy!

Direct link to the video here:
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  1. Awesome video...thanks SO much for all of the ideas and help! I have a question...where did you get the svg for the wreath that you put the name in and what is it called? Thanks for your help!!