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Monday, February 20, 2017


We were in the market for some bunk beds for our kiddos bedroom.  I hit the yard sale pages on facebook daily looking for some that were under our budget and that could be restored if need be.  Can you believe people want $500 for USED bunk beds??  None the less, my search was not successful.  I checked one of my favorite places, IKEA.  The MYDAL bunk beds were exactly what I was looking for and also in budget.
I love that they are made of study real wood and that I can eventually paint them or stain them if I want.  You can't beat $169 for new wood bunk beds.  Then came the part where you have to put the bunk beds together, and we all know how fun IKEA furniture is to assemble.  Same in this case.
It took all of us working on it for about two hours to complete it.  It was a fun family project though.  The kids enjoyed not only watching their bed come together but also helping in the process.  That was pretty neat.
In the end it was a success.  My advice if you are putting this together, open both of the boxes and organize all the pieces.  We thought you put box one together, then move onto box two... nope.  My other advice is to have help.  I'm sure one person could do this just fine, but it will go much faster with at least two people and it makes the final assembly much easier with extra hands.
All in all, this is a great piece of furniture!  Our kids love their new bunk beds!  I love that it allows for extra floor space for them to play instead of having two traditional twin beds in their room too.
I video taped the whole process in fast speed so you can see our 2 hours of building cut down into under 7 minutes.  I hope you enjoy!

Direct link to the video here:
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