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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Adventure Room Wood Signs | Applying Vinyl

We just recently combined our son and daughter's bedrooms.  My son was always in our daughter's room anyway, so we figured getting bunk beds and giving each of them their own space was the way to go.  

Our daughter is very trendy and was into the whole tribal look with arrows, black/gold/teal.  I wanted their room to mesh together nicely even though they each would have their own theme.  I decided black and white would be their base colors, teal accents for my daughter and red accents for me son.  The room as a whole has a black and white theme and their bedding has the colors.  

My daughter already had all the cool decor for her walls; however, my son was going from fire trucks to an adventure theme and we were starting over with him.  That's where these new mod signs came into play.

The rooms is a good size, but I wanted to keep the decor simple and not let the room get too over cluttered with stuff or wall decor.  The set of three wood signs I share with you in the video tutorial below, were the perfect size to fill the space, simple in design, and custom made for the space.  I just love love love how they turned out!  I hope you find inspiration from them too!

Direct link to the video here:

Now Available in my Etsy Shop!  Link to the listing here:

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