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Monday, March 6, 2017

Dollar Tree Succulent Garden

My handmade wood trough has seen all kinds of different decor.  It goes hand in hand with the rest of my home's change of decor based on the holiday and season.  My favorite really is when I decorate it for Christmas (you can see it here in my Christmas Home Tour).  After Christmas came down, all it has were plain chalk painted mason jars.  I love them, but I knew I'd want to put something in them eventually.  My first thought was hydrangeas.  I just didn't have any and couldn't find any that I was thrilled with.

Then spring decor hit Dollar Tree.  I found some amazing succulent picks.  These things go for $5 or more at most craft stores.  So I grabbed four of the picks and two potted succulent plants and just pulled the succulent out of the pot.  This was so I didn't have two of the same thing.  Even though they are fake, you don't want them looking fake.  Having two that are exactly the same just doesn't happen in nature.

I had some white stone rocks from Hobby Lobby already in my stash (but you can find these at the Dollar Tree too!).  You can't get much better than a dollar for floral foam too that was from the Dollar Tree.

This whole project went pretty quickly and painlessly!  We know how some DIY projects can go.  It is even better than I had hoped it would turn out and I'm loving it even more than the idea of the hydrangeas.

I created a DIY tutorial to show you how to recreate your own mason jar succulent garden (that won't die!).  I hope you are inspired and enjoy!

Direct link to the video here:

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