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Friday, March 10, 2017

Workshop Tool Tour

Recently I have gotten a lot of questions about the tools that I use.  As you've seen in my DIY tutorials on YouTube, most I am using tools out in my workshop.  Whether it's building something or creating wood signs, you'll see me using several things.  I wanted to break down the most used tools and items that I use out in my workshop regularly.

I also share with you tools that I started out with when I was first getting into wood working.  Of course I've kept up with this hobby and have upgraded my tools over time.  In this video I share with you, not only the tools that I have and use now, but also the tools I started out with and suggestions for you if you are just getting started yourself.

I hope that this video is helpful and inspires you to try something new!
*I am not sponsored by any of these brands, these are all my own opinions.

Direct link to the video here:

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