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Friday, April 28, 2017

Refurbished Old Chair Makeover

In all honesty, I really wanted a new chair for the new desk we built.  Hobby Lobby had some great metal industrial style chairs that would have been perfect.  The problem I had, the price tag.  Would the price be worth it, sure it would.  You buy it, and you sit in it.  Done.  However, that's not what this whole journey of mine is about.  I will usually try to make things myself before buying brand new.  That's just what I did in this instance.

This old chair has long been living in our basement.  We pull it out and use it as a step stool sometimes.  Otherwise it didn't get used.  So I pulled it into the garage and got to work giving it a new look.

I created a video below of just how I transformed this old chair into a new monogrammed desk chair that was just what we needed.
I hope you are inspired and transform something old into new again soon too!

Direct link to the video here:

 photo Signature_zpsv4kveavu.jpg

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