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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

IKEA Haul | Farmhouse Style Bedroom Decor

IKEA obsessed?  I think so!  Or at least I am anyway.  I just love that place.  I'm a total sucker for all of it's advertising ploys, food specials, rows of stocked merchandise that look so appealing... even if you don't need an item or know what you'll do with it when you get home but you buy it anyway.  Yep, that's me.  Pure love.

We waited a long time to get an IKEA in our area.  I had never been to one till this one was built.  Even before it was open, I knew I'd have a love/love relationship with this amazing store.

Alright, enough about my odd love for IKEA.  Onto the topic of this video haul.  We are I am in the middle of a bedroom remodel.  From blues and whites to neutral and farmhouse(y).  I love (again I love), that IKEA has some great decor items that fit right into that decor theme.  I give you a look into the items that I purchase for our bedroom makeover and also explain what I'll be doing with them all in the video linked below.  I hope you are inspired!

Direct link to the video here:

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